• Completetoolset


    Wheter you are looking for ways to communicate with your co-workers, shine some light on your production or provide some power to your workforce;There are several extensions with template specific styling, inclusive of RocketTheme addons and K2.we can provide you with a complete toolset for every dangerous and demanding work environment. Read More
  • Preventdisaster


    Industrialized environments can be dangerous places to work, why take unnecessary risks with your safety when you can invest in some peace of mind? The base set has been modified to be stylistically integrated into the template. With our products you will be one step ahead of the risks! Read More
  • World ofregulations

    World of

    Understanding the ATEX directive can be a daunting task. There are many rules and regulations with matching certifications and classifications There are eight preset style variations with Metropolis, offering an array of possibilities. Take advantage of our expertise and let us guide you, have a look at our glossary or information overview. Read More
  • ATEXCertified


    With our ATEX and GOST certification, you can rely on the safest products on the market. In addition to our EX protection, our products are also IP54 classified, meaning they are rugged products and can be used in the tuffest environments.In addition to our EX protection, our products are also IP54 classified, meaning they are rugged products and can be used in the toughest environments. Read More
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About ATEX Global Experts B.V.

ATEX Global experts, is a ATEX certified manufacturer and supplier of intrinsic safe solutions. We can provide you with explosion safe solutions for zone 0, zone 1 and zone 2 environments. Our service will be able to provide you with a complete toolset ranging from mobile phones, power supplies, lighting and much more. Have a look at our products page or contact us for more information.




  • What is intrinsic safety? What is intrinsic safety? +

    Read all about what intrinsic safety means, where and when it is used and what it means for you.   Read More
  • Zone definitionsZone definitions +

    An explanation about ATEX zones and it's hardware and how they affect conducting business on a daily basis.     Read More
  • GlossaryGlossary +

    An overview of all the technical terms regarding intrinsic safety. From zones till certification standards.     Read More
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